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Oct 29, 2021

Muscatine Radiology is hiring a Guest Services Representative. Click the Careers tab for more information.

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Ultrasound | Muscatine Radiology

Ultrasound is a safe and effective, non-invasive, non-radiative imaging modality. It has become a key radiologic tool in the past 50 years, and its uses and technologic advances have grown since its introduction in the 1950s.

Today, Muscatine Radiology offers ultrasound specialists on-site for a variety of required examinations. In addition to comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound of the body, abdomen, breast and upper and lower extremities, Muscatine Radiology also offers the latest 3D/4D ultrasound technology. While ultrasound captures never before seen views from the inside, it is most popular for capturing the hearts of new parents who are seeing what their baby looks like for the very first time.

3D/4D ultrasound works by creating a detailed three-dimensional view of a fetus while in-utero. Expectant parents can see the baby move, yawn, blink, even drink amniotic fluid. Patients can count all the fingers and toes, and even watch them wiggle. Ask your OB doctor in Muscatine, Iowa City, Coralville or Cedar Rapids for a referral to see this once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of your baby.

With both traditional and 3D/4D ultrasound procedures, patient comfort and care are our primary concerns. From our private and spacious dressing rooms to our calming procedure rooms, our facilities are designed around patient needs. Your physician and our helpful staff will guide you through every procedure.

Our group offers complete ultrasound services:

  • Abdomen
    • Gallbladder/RUQ
    • Appendix
    • Kidney/Renal
    • Aorta
  • Small Parts
    • Breast
    • Thyroid
    • Scrotum
    • Non-Vasc Ext.
  • OB/GYN
    • OB, complete
    • Limited U/S
  • Follow-up U/S
  • Biophysical profile
  • Pelvic (non-OB)
  • Hysterosonogram (SIS)
  • Hysterosonogram (SIS) only
  • ULTRASOUND (Vascular)
    • Carotid duplex – Bilateral
    • Carotid duplex – Unilateral
    • Upper extremity
    • Lower extremity

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